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C1ComboBox bug?

October 23, 2008

I built the chart example from the quickstart guide, but I can’t seem to change my combo box selection with the mouse (I can select it with auto-complete, though).  When I swapped in the MS combo box it seems to work fine.  Here’s the chart in action:


Binding a combo box to an enum with Silverlight 2

October 8, 2008

Starting with a great example of radio button binding here:

I added a combo box example (which seemed be missing from the example).



Here’s the app with both radios and combo boxes:


Hope it helps!

Error in XAML Power Toys

October 6, 2008

Does anyone else get this error when trying to create a xaml form from a class. It’s such a great feature, I’m very sad that it doesn’t work.  In terms of confiuration, I have the newest everything (Vista,.NET 3.5 SP1,  VS2008 SP1, error occurs in both SL2 RC0 and WPF projects).  Thanks for any input you can provide: