XAML PowerTools error revisited

Even after a rebuild, I’m getting the following error when trying to generate xaml from a class in an RC0 SilverLight project. 


An intermittent fix seems to be to add a WPF project, and generate xaml from one of those classes – but now I’m stuck (the workaround doesn’t work).  

Does anyone know if these add-ins are easy to debug? Karl did publish the source.  At any rate, any feedback is welcome.




3 Responses to “XAML PowerTools error revisited”

  1. brantob Says:

    Ugghh – I just figured it out. The problem is that my data class is not a public class!! Well I hope this helps someone.


  2. brantob Says:

    False alarm. I’m not sure what is going wrong – maybe it’s time to run the tool from the debugger.

  3. brantob Says:

    NOTE — I found the problem — see my exceprt (a comment on Karl’s blog) below:

    October 7, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Finally!!! I figured it out. The PowerTools makes an assumption about the class name when it tries to discover the class in the assembly.(specifically, RemoteTypeReflector.GetClassEntityForSelectedSolutionExplorerItem). It assumes that the class name matches the file name exactly (minus the .vb or cs). It’s probably worth posting a more specific error, or maybe even parsing the source file for the class name (or even more fancy, post a list box if there are more than one classes).

    Thanks so much for posting the source – I built a debug installer, ran that, and that did the trick!


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